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SLSC Chassis with EtherCAT

Hi all,

 Proposition: make an SLSC chassis controlled over EtherCAT. Would be a great addition to a realtime HiL system with a lot of IO to be switched/faulted by providing deterministic switch capabilities. It's not always feasible to buy that many PXI switch cards...

E.g. our DUTs have usually about 100 IO lines (some even over 150), each of which have to be tested for open, short to another one, self-short (in case of differential lines) etc. We usually don't have a requirement to switch very fast, but we'll welcome a possibility to switch in predictable time.

Piotr F.
Hardware Engineer @ ZF

Hello Piotr,

thank you for your suggestions and details of your application.

Did you reached out to Lorenz Casper the ZF Account Manager?

I miss some details for the used SLSC Cards. Because not all SLSC Cards will use the SLSC Chassis Ethernet connection.

Up to know i only know SLSC-12251 and SLSC-12252 using SLSC Chassis Ethernet Connection. 

SLSC 18.0 offers an Web-based API you maybe can use with your existing solution.


Hello Christopher,

 We are in close cooperation with our account manager in Poland. 

 The idea, however, is loosely based on our project requirements. We are not currently using SLSC in the project - we have a similar system that predates it. I made the proposition based on our lessons learned - our tests often have requirements that relate some events e.g. on a CAN bus with making a fault on an input line (e.g. switching the relay). As the times involved are in milliseconds range we would welcome a deterministic Failure Insertion Unit. I think it could be an additional advantage for the SLSC.


 In our system we work around the issue usually. Deterministic Failure Insertion would be a good point to consider switching to SLSC, I think.

Piotr F.
Hardware Engineer @ ZF