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How you can repair LabVIEW using the NI Package Manager

If any of you have had the extremely frustrating experience of having to repair a LabVIEW installation lately and realized the NI Package Manager doesn't support that, NI just updated their documentation for this issue and I have a link for you here.  Note that it isn't a complete fix for the problem, and any software that you have installed using the NI Package Manager still must be removed and reinstalled rather than repaired.  If you read that last sentence again you will realize that you should avoid using the NI Package Manager to install anything other than LabVIEW NXG and variants and any other software ONLY available through the NI Package Manager. 



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yep, wish I'd seen this earlier. Its a POS 😞 


Its been trying to repair NI-DAQmx for nearly two hours!!  


The other day it took forever to uninstall a package to try and get the latest to install. If there a sure fire way of putting people off using NI this IS IT.


I've only gone down this route as trying to run NXG is glacial. Its actually crashed my laptop because it just STOPPED.  Only just stepped into this job and had to pick this up and very likely to take the whole thing and drop kick it off a cliff and find something else to do the job. 

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