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VeriStand FPGA XML Builder Node Feedback

Hello everyone, 


I am trying to use the FPGA XML Builder Node. I am experiencing a problem that someone already mentioned previously in this discussion. 

After the installation, when I try to put the node on the block diagram, LV automatically looks for some .dll files that are missing. I cannot proceed. 

Some of you solved this issue simply by copying the config file in the same folder of the labview.exe (as stated in the instructions) but i already did this step and it was not successful. 

Maybe the problem is that I have LV2020, but among the downloadable zips ( ) the 2020 config file is not present, so I am trying with the 2019 version. 


If I am correct, could someone please send me the correct 2020 version of the config file? Any help would be appreciated. 


Thank you, 


Marco S.

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Hi Marco,


Maybe you can try editing the config file yourself, it seems that all it does is redirect from an old version to a new version...


<bindingRedirect oldVersion="2013.1.0.0" newVersion="" />


In this case, "" is for LabVIEW 2019. Try changing to your LV version and see what happens... 🙂



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Hello Pianne, 


Thank you very much, it worked. Cheers!

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Dear all,


 I'm absolutely new to VeriStand..

I'm using the "VeriStand FPGA XML Builder Node" in order to:

  • read AI values from an NI 9215
  • write AO values to NI 9263

I had no problem in reading the AI voltages from NI 9215, but I can't update the AO voltages...

I've written this code for the FPGA:


Screenshot 2021-02-02 151448.png


(in order to test the "VeriStand FPGA XML Builder Node" I also added the possibility to switch on/off the FPGA LED).


I've generated the XML file, compiled the FPGA and imported both files in VS 2018.

I had no problem with the VS import:


Screenshot 2021-02-02 151826.png


When I try to update the AO (Mod4/AO0) or the FPGA-LED nothing happen.

Voltage is 0 and the FPGA-LED is OFF.


If I connect a constant to the FPGA-LED (constant=1) the LED turn on when I run the VS project, so the LED works.


Thank you for your help.


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