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is there any good reason why the "Pass/fail" status banner is not shown in "single pass" mode?

There is a precondition in the post uut - status banner step, checking if it's "Test UUTs" or "Single Pass".


Is there a way to show the banner without changing the model, but using a callback tp post uut or so ?




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Accepted by topic author NikolajEgeskovOstergaard

Hi Nickolaj,


What version of TestStand are you in?


A good reason? Probably, but I'm only guessing: Historically, (going back to TestStand 1.0) the two Process Model Entry points are designed for two different types of testing; Loop testing, for what I like to think is for testing 'widgets', and single run testing, w/ minimal process model popups for running the test exactly once using default test data inputs.


In TestStand v4.2.1, they both execute as described above, but don't include the same callbacks. Because Single Pass doesn't have the PreUUTLoop, PreUUT, PostUUT, and PostUUTLoop callbacks, you can't easily get the banner to appear. To display the PostUUT Single Pass would need to have the PostUUT callback added to it. There's also no preconditions for which Entry Point is being used on this version.


IN TestStand 2013 (and probably 2010 and newer) the Process Models changed, and Single Pass does have a call to the PostUUT callback. As this appears to be what you're using, you can override this in your test sequence, copying the DoPostUUT sequence as well, then modify the copied callback to use your version of DoPostUUT, but edit yours to remove/modify the preconditions to your liking.


Hope this helps.







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thanks for your answer. I'm using TS2014, and it's working as you said. I found the four banner steps in the processmodel and copied them to my own PostUUT, removed the precondition and skipped the original "call doPostUUT".

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Hi Nikolaj,


How did you  skipped the original "call doPostUUT" ? 


Cheers Michael

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