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Why did NI not enable "Packages-Based Distribution" for TestStand 2017 32 bit version?

As a follow-up to my previous thread, I would like to an clear answer from NI on why they omitted the option for building packages based distributions in TestStand 2017 32 bit?
In the LabVEW 2017 32 bit you can build a package of you code, so why not in TestStand?

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Jens Christian Andersen.
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I too would like an explanation.  I think this is a huge oversight on NIs part. 


Package Manager is a 64-bit application but LabVIEW has a package builder for their 32-bit ADEs.  We have to build an image in TestStand then take the image and deploy with the LabVIEW package builder add-on.  This extra step in the deployment process is very annoying. 


We were looking at possibly upgrading to TS 2017 just to get the package builder option.  However, now that I know it is only 64-bit we probably will wait or determine if moving all of our code to 64-bit is worth it now.


I am doing a session on this at NI Week: CI & Deployment: Deploying a TestStand System With NI Package Manager




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NI does not currently have plans to add 32-bit package support to TestStand Deployment Utility. Instead, we’re investing in powerful new tools, with a focus on ease of use, to provide a higher-level experience for building and distributing applications built on all NI Software, including TestStand. These tools will eventually replace TSDU as well as provide capabilities more suitable for deploying and updating complex, modular test systems.


Trent Weaver

Product Manager | Test Software

National Instruments
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