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Teststand 2019 .NET Exception Handling

Hi everyone,

We are currently upgrading our Teststand 4.2.1 tests to Teststand 2019 and have run into an issue with error handling when calling .NET modules.

We are using a .NET UI that displays the current step information. The text is updated by calling a .NET assembly with a method such as setText.

The problem we face is that when an error occurs in a step (calling another assembly and getting an exception), the text in the UI isn't immediately set and the setText function isn't called.

As the "Step Failure Causes Sequence Failure" option is checked, the sequence stops executing and the UI appears frozen (no text update).

When the test UI is exited and the test stand sequence is terminated, setText is called with the previous error message and the error text is then set on the UI.

When using our UI with Teststand 4.2.1, the text is displayed immediately after the error occurs and our assemblies haven't changed between versions.

I've looked through the changelog and incompatibilities from Teststand 4.2.1 to 2019 but can't find any indication of what is causing this behaviour.

We do not use any of the SequenceFilePostStep callbacks in either version of Teststand.

Does anyone have any idea how to restore the old behaviour?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


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