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TestStand Project Folder Structure

Hi to all


Is there a Guideline or best practice for the Folder structure for a TestStand Project.

I have a Project with a lot of Sub-Sequences and external Libraries and I don't know whats the best way to organize them.


What is your best approach?


Best regards

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Generally speaking…. Your main sequence file on toplevel, all dependencies in folder underneath.

This also leads to a very lean search directory structure 



At least that’s what I recommend 


are you using a TestStand Workspace?

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Sometling like below works for me:








key is to have all referenced as relative paths so when You deploy/move folder all works.

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Thanks for your answers


For me it is not clear where to place the code Modules for the subsequnces and how to deal with it when you have a code Modules used in more than one subsequnce?


Best regards

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I tend to put most of my library folders on the same file hierarchy level.


If they refer to each other, they only need to "jump up a folder" and "jump in" the appropriate other.


BTW.... using a TestStand Workspace can also help.


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