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TestStand API C# adding an OnNewStep substep

We managed to create a step type in the Insertion Palette using C#. However, we want to add the custom OnNewStep substep to that new Step Type, to populate some of the values. Using the TestStand UI, we opened the Step Type's Properties and selecting the Substeps tab, specified a C# assembly/class/method, and got a message box to pop up. But how do you define an OnNewStep substep using the API? We think we have a reference to the parent Step instance. However, when you create the substep Step instance, how do you set the "Type" to "Custom". The UI tab lets you specify "Pre-Step", "Post-Step", "Edit", or "Custom", when you click the "Add..." button. I do not see such a property in the Step class. The AddSubstep() method, only takes a Step instance, it does not let you specify a Type, nor have I found an enumeration. Please point me at the appropriate method or property. Thank you.

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After talking to another one of our Applications Engineers it appears you opened up a service request to look into this matter. If that's true we will continue to work with you via the service request rather than through this forum post.

Patrick O.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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