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SetValInteger64 to array


I tried to use the TestStand API to create an array with a Signed 64-bit Integer represenation.
Unfortunately I was not able to create and fill an array item with the SetValInteger64 function.
How does the representation handling working at arrays?

Here the error message

 "Expected Number {64-bit Floating Point}, found Number {Signed 64-bit Integer}.\n\nNOTE: Numeric representations must match exactly.\n\nUse the following to specify a numeric constant in an expression:\n64-bit Floating Point: 1234\nSigned 64-bit Integer: 1234i64\nUnsigned 64-bit Integer: 1234ui64\n\nUse the following expression functions to convert between representations:\nConvert to 64-bit Floating Point: Float64()\nConvert to signed 64-bit Integer: Int64()\nConvert to unsigned 64-bit Integer: UInt64()\n\nUse the following API functions to get or set values of the various representations:\n(NOTE: You can use PropOption_CoerceFromNumber and PropOption_CoerceToNumber to coerce between representations.)\n64-bit Floating Point: Get\\SetValNumber or Get\\SetValNumberByOffset\nSigned 64-bit Integer: Get\\SetValInteger64 or Get\\SetValInteger64ByOffset\nUnsigned 64-bit Integer: Get\\SetValUnsignedInteger64 or Get\\SetValUnsignedInteger64ByOffset\nError accessing item 'ComplexContainer.Array[0]'.", None, 0, -17308), None)


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