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SequenceFileLoad Callback Invoke Question

From what I gather, the SequenceFileLoad callback is invoked when a sequence file is loaded into memory.  This loading into memory can occur when the file is opened for editing or by calling the file from another sequence file.  Both instances load the sequence file into memory and invoke the callback.


My question is, is there a way to make it so that SequenceFileLoad is only invoked when the sequence file is opened for editing?  I do not want the SequenceFileLoad callback to invoke when another sequence file calls the sequence file into memory.


Here is a picture of what I am talking about.  I would like SequenceFileLoad callback located in Sequence2.seq to invoke only when Sequence2.seq is opened for editing.  And not when Sequence1.seq calls Sequence2.seq, which occurs when Single Pass or Test UUTs is pressed.  Is there a way to achieve this?




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Hi LotsaMotsa


Think the best you might be able to do is add a step to the top of your SequenceFileLoad Callback that determines if the sequence is being loaded for editing (and skips over everything else if it is not) but I do not know what that step would look for or if it is even exists.


Are you able to provide some background around what you are attempting to accomplish?





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