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Programatically change Enum values

I have an Enum , Enums.State with many states likeCommand1,..2, 3 etc

I want to programatically change these values with a For loop.

How to send enum variables values from an Integer ? 


Thanks Akshay

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Not sure if you've read through the help on this but assignment can only be done with enums of the same type:


However, you can use the SetValNumber and the coerce to enum flag:

Locals.MyEnum.SetValNumber("", 0x18, 1) where MyEnum is the enum and 1 is the numeric selection I want to make it. n 0x18 is the flag for coerce to enum:

  • PropOption_CoerceToEnum–(Value: 0x18) Use this option for implicit conversion when setting an enumeration value with a string or number. You can use this option with the PropertyObject.SetValNumber and PropertyObject.SetValString methods. TestStand ignores this flag when you specify PropOption_InsertIfMissing and the property does not exist.


Hope this helps,

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Thanks a lot jigg for the answer, I will test it.

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I think Sam's answer should be marked as a solution. I'm just saying 😉

Michał Bieńkowski

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It doesn't work. eg:

Locals.LED_enum_as_index.SetValNumber("", 0x18, Locals.LED_index)

returns just a number.

It doesn't select the enumerated value.


This would work.

It's extremely verbose and long -- you can create an array with one enum value in each like this:

Locals.array[0] = [0-9.99C] (0)

Locals.array[1] = [10-19.99C] (1)



Locals.array[6] = [60-69.99C] (6)


But there must be a more clever way.

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