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Passing LV Class Object containing .NET Ref via TestStand API



I need to use the same instance of a .NET DLL within LabVIEW calls inside Teststand and a GUI (VI which will later become an executable) which is hosting the TS Engine.


Due to some .NET framework issues I cannot explain exactly, the .NET reference needs to be wrapped inside a LabVIEW class object. Now passing that LV object between LabVIEW VI's through Teststand via the connector pane and a StationGlobal does work.

Since LabVIEW development system and Teststand are different processes, I'd expect it to be possible to use the same instance of a DLL in different App Domains. Although I am not an expert on that topic.


In order to pass it to the GUI, I suppose I need to use the Teststand API.

I have tried a lot of stuff, like GetValInterface, GetValVariant or as the ActiveXParam of PostUIMessageEx.

Also tried to create it using SetValInterface and then accessing it with GetValInterface.

But whatever I am trying, the resulting refnum is 0000 / NotARefnum.


What is the way to access/pass the initialized .NET reference within the LV class object using the Teststand API?


Thanks for any help,



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How about .NET Remoting?

See this and this.

Michał Bieńkowski

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