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Modifying test names using property loader

Quick question, using TS13 and need to modify approx. 8000 test sequence names and curious if you can use the property loader to do this?


Would want to export into excel, renumber everything and then import back with the new modified test names within the sequence.


Can modify the limits this way but its the actual test names that I am looking to modify, manually 1 at a time in seq editor is going to be epic!

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Actually I think you can't do this directly.

I see 2 solutions : 

  • You can use the API to load your 8000 sequences and change their names.
  • You can use the propertyu to populate a variable (Locals.NewName for example) and then use the post-expression (or a new statement step) to change the Step.Name of the sequence call you want to rename / or Sequence.Name if you want to rename the sequence name inside a sequence file (be careful then to your sequence call step expecting for a specific sequence name...)
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