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Modify Time in report header

Hello. TestStand 2019.  I'm trying to modify the time that gets logged into the HTML report header.  I've got 2 different reports for a test.  I generate a csv file with a bunch of data that gets appended for each UUT and then the individual report gets created using the HTML report.  It appears the report time is generated when the report is made.  I'm trying to get the csv report time to match the HTML report generated.  I create a time stamp at the start of the test and would like to change the HTML header to this time, but can't find where to change it easily.  the ModifyReportHeader callback has a large text field with all the data and trying to change it in there would be clunky.  I'm thinking there should be a variable I could update somewhere pretty easily but can't seem to track it down.  I generate the CSV file before the report gets generated so believe I should use that time stamp and not the other way around.  Any help is appreciated.

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I think the easiest is to add PreMainSequence to your test sequence.  Then you can get the start time from Parameters.ModelData,StartTime.Text.  Perhaps save it to a FileGlobals.  Then when you write your CSV file text, use the StartTime.Text for the time stamp.  The two reports will then have the same start time stamp.




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