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Labview running in TestStand creating Class not registered error when called repeatedly

Hi - I have a Labview program running in TestStand that launches another application, using automation open with an ActiveX class and pass the opened class out to a local in Test Stand.  Using that reference, I can login to the application, run some functions, then exit close the ref in Labview and set the reference to Nothing in TestStand.  Trouble is, next time the test is run, when I try the automation open, I get a class not registered error.  I end up having to close Labview and then next time, we're fine.  This happens in the dev environment and in a built application (which I exit the program to fix).  If I may have reference still open could this happen?  How can I find it?

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Please try if this helps .

Goto file --> Unload all modules after your application is closed.

It will try to unload the LabVIEW before the next step executes.


You can also do it programmatically :



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Yes thanks, I have tried that, but the only thing that works is to close Labview completely. (or close the built application if exe)

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In addition, if I call the COM object with Visual Basic, it works fine.  What is it about Labview?  See code snippet below very basic

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