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Is it possible to create a UInt16 (Custom Data Types) in TS?

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I am a newbie in TestStand, someone knows if it is possible to create a UInt16 custom Data Types?


I try to go in:

View --> Types --> Custom Data Types --> Right click to insert Type -->  ...and then?


This need sorts cause I have a .NET invocation that returns a UInt16 type and I would save this result in a variable for reusing it in TS (such as for other invocations).


PS. I have not LABVIEW.


Thank you

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as you can read in the helpTestStand stored all numeric values, including integers, in a double-precision, floating-point format.

Thus, you cannot create a custom data type or a numeric variable of type UInt16 since only 64-bit representation is available. If you right-click your custom numeric data type or your local numeric variable, you can select a representation between Float64, Int64, UInt64.

I hope this helps!




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Thank you,

I found Object Reference as a solution.

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