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How to include preUUTloop results in report?

In preUUTloop the operator is polled to choose a few parameters (messages with 2-3 buttons to choose from)

How do I record his choces in the report?

Desirably, this data should be reported in the very beginning on the report only, not in every UUT loop.



Thank you!



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Take a look at this example.

I have attached it to every uut just to demonstrate how it works

I your case i would also override the ModifyReportHeader Callback and add it Report header

wich is a little bit of work.





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Hello Fomine,


We have a Developer Zone that I believe fits your needs here. I found this by searching "add extra results to report" at


As a side note, this is extremely easy in TestStand 4.1 (as seen by the help here). Could I have a sales representative contact you about upgrading? If so just let me know (don't post your information) and I will get your email and get in touch with you.


edit: Beaten by juergen with example code too! Thanks juergen you are truly appreciated!

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David D.
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Hi j_dodek,

Thank you for your help!

I implemented it similarly, for now, but what I really needed is the Modifying HTML Report Headers to Include Custom Information. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I will get back if I cannot make it work.

Hi Dr. Doiron
Thank you, interesting method is there, even though not what I needed.

You can do greater things with LabVIEW!
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