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Custom step type creation

I am working on creating Custom step types. Created custom step with specified module(updating with specified labVIEW VI) and  that step updated it in insertion palette.

So i can see the created custom step in my insertion palette and i can include that step into new sequence file.

After include the custom step -> step setting of that step showing no vi specified. so my custom step did not update specified module.

how do i get updated module in  my customized step?.

Help me out and let me know any other details required?..

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Do you add your VI's as Edit and Post-Step in the Substeps?

Ray Farmer
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Yes I add my VI as Edit in substeps.

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Do we need to include our VI's in both Edit as well as Post step under sub steps?

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Yes, the Edit VI allows you to setup the properties of the Step.

The Post Step VI will be launched during the execution of the Step.



Ray Farmer
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