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'CommonResults' conflict in TestStand 3.5

Re: 'CommonResults' conflict in TestStand 3.5

Hello MB,

We now have a tool to help resolve type conflicts called the Type Differ.  The Type Differ in included in the NI TestStand Toolkit for Large Application Development, which is available for download from NI Labs:

The Type Differ tool comes with master type files to help you restore your types back to the original TestStand 3.1 types.  Once you install the toolkit:

To resolve a conflict in multiple files: 
  1. Navigate to Start Menu » Programs » National Instruments » TestStand Toolkit - Large Application Development » Type Differ
  2. Select Batch Type Differ
  3. Select the Master File.  The Master File will contain the desired version of types in your project.  The original version of the type as shipped with TestStand is provided with the Type Differ and can be found at the following path:
    <TestStand Large Applications Development>\Type Differ\MasterFiles
  4. Select the Batch Files. You can select single files or search entire directories using the Add File... and Add Directory... buttons.
    • Note: Be sure to exclude the <MasterFiles> directory, as merging this directory would corrupt most of the Master Files in this directory.
  5. All the checked files will be merged.  By default, all files with type conflicts will be backed up before merging.
    • Note: The Batch Type Differ will not display all type conflicts like the normal Type Differ
  6. Select Finish to close out of the Batch Type Differ.
<TestStand Large Applications Development> refers to the installation directory of the toolkit. The default location is <Program Files>\National Instruments\TestStand Large Applications Development.

If you have just one file with a type conflict you can use the Type Differ instead of the Batch Type Differ and then you can see the conflicts if you are curious.  There are also help files installed to the start menu for each of the Type Differs.

Let me know if you have any questions.

National Instruments
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Re: 'CommonResults' conflict in TestStand 3.5

There is another post that may work for you.  The post is entitled Step Type Problems with TestStand 3.5.
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Re: 'CommonResults' conflict in TestStand 3.5

For anyone reading this post, please note that the newest version of the TestStand Toolkit for Large Application Development can be found here:


NI TestStand Toolkit for Large Application Development


This page will be updated as new versions are released.

Al B.
Staff Software Engineer - TestStand
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