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CAPL with TestStand



Excatly,  the wapper encapsulates high level access to Ni-Teststand while all api-calls to vector are done in the wrapper.

You already took a look at api and saw that it deals with events. I have doubt that you have access to them in TestStand.

On the other hand there were a some exception handler in vectors api if a functions are failing. The inside wrapper you will be able to manage them

and set for instance an errorflag in TestStand or what ever you want to do on error.


For doing this I have used C# and built a .net assembley.

Normally you could use your favourit programming language to create a wrapper


Hope this helps



Sessions NI-Week 2017 2016
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Hi Juergen,


We actually do have a set of custom step types that allow you to register and wat for .NET events directly in TestStand.  I have uploaded the step types along with an example of using them on the NI community (credit to Doug for creating them) :


NI Developer Community: TestStand .NET Event Handler Step Types


The document in the attached ZIP file provides a lot of detail on how to use the step types, so definitely take a look at it before using the step types. We would definitely appreciate any feedback you have on these steptypes, so let me know if you get a chance to try them!

Al B.
Staff Software Engineer - TestStand
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Juergen, Thanks. Is it possible to give me the source C# code ?

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Hi sfla,


I am not allowed to publish or sell the source code.

I recommend to ask a regional Ni Alliance Partner to buy the

the code or they develop one. I am quite sure they will help you.


Another option is to try the attached .net step type

At the moment i had no time to figure out the features








Sessions NI-Week 2017 2016
Feedback or kudos are welcome
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