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Building a TestStand Deployment

I'm a TestStand novice and I'm trying to build a deployment from a LabVIEW code base I've inherited.  I am encountering Error messages and Warnings and I'm not finding a lot of info on how to resolve this.


In my latest attempt, the Deployment Utility reports Error -19001: "The following files were not located."  The (somewhat less than useful) error description is "LabVIEW returned a linker error but did not return any missing VIs. This can mean that the missing files are RC files or other similar dependencies. Mass compile your top-level files and resolve the errors reported. If the problem persists contact National Instruments for support."


I've tried mass compiling the source code but this hasn't helped.  How do I identify the problem VIs?  What is an "RC file"?



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Hi Chino,


The following KB has information on how to find missing files:


The following link also has a full description of the error and ways to resolve it:


Look through these and let me know if they help resolve your issue.

Jen P.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Thanks for the reply.  I'm still working the issue.


After some work I was able to mass compile the source directory, checked for missing items, checked for orphan items claiming to be part of a LV library, etc. and was finally able to create a source distribution to a new location on the hard drive.


The next step was to copy the TestStand sequence file with the source distribution and then use the Analyze Sequence tool to work out any missing code modules.


After that, I used the TS Deployment Utility to analyze the build files to look again for more missing items.  Despite all of my previous checking, the Deploy Utility complained about more missing items. 


I got all of that resolved and attempted a build this morning.  The Deployment Utility is now complaining that a control in a nested LVLIB file is present but not within the expected context.  I attempted to fix this in the nested LVLIB, which broke a boatload of other VIs.  So I'm pretty much back to square 1.

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