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Automating multiple Input/Output to an executable using TestStand



I hope this hasn't been answered already but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for when searching.


I have a design that calls for using a .tcl script that is normally manually operated by a user using the keyboard.  It basically is a terminal window where the user can type low level commands to send/receive messages from a device, or access a test menu and execute other scripts in the .tcl suite. The tcl application handles the underlying serial communication to the device, and I would be using TestStand to manage the input/output to the tcl application.


I need to be able to call the main .tcl executable from TestStand and then continually interact with that terminal throughout a sequence passing in input strings and reading the output strings, as if the sequence/steps were typing on the keyboard. I know the Call Executable step can provide a process handle to that .tcl exe process, but I don't see a way to keep interacting with that process over multiple steps.  I'm looking for a solution where basically I use a call Executable step to start the .tcl application, and then call more steps to read outputs of that application and supply inputs, with other TestStand steps in between those that processes the info and provides software logic to determine the next inputs and handle the current outputs.


Basically something similar to using the ExtraPutty .dll for serial terminals but for interacting with a scripting language executable.


Is this something that can be done entirely with the Call Executable steps, or will I need to generate some custom C code to handle the input/output to the tcl application after loading it with call executable?





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