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Does LabVIEW software support on windows 11 ?

My pc run on windows 11 .

I want to install Labview 2020 version. But there ase some errors show when LabVIEW install.

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What are these errors?


(It is probably safe to assume that NI and Microsoft are already working hard to resolve any potential issues before the official release of Windows 11 on October 5, 2021. Before that, all bets are off!).

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This is three errors but the second error shows repeatedly.

(its seems this is problem for Windows 11)



1.  An error occurred while installing a package: ni-metauninstaller (



2. An error occurred while installing a package: ni-metauninstaller (


Additional error information:

An error occurred while installing the MSI at 'MU\MetaUninstaller.msi'. The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2705.



3.  There was a problem execution your request

An error occurs while installing a package:ni-ssp-notifier (


Please check your internet connection and try again


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Evan -

NI does not yet support Windows 11 and we are starting to do early testing now. As of right now I am not aware of any issue with Windows 11 for basic NIPM installation of applications, which is what the installer is doing when it fails for you. 


The error Package Manager is returning is from the MSI in those packages, so you would need to enable the MSI logs when performing the operation and review those that are created. You can follow the steps in the below KB to obtain the MSI logs and potentially share those on the forum:

There is a previous forum discussion about a similar error and my quick review of it suggested that there were some directories like C:\Users\Public\Documents that might not be setup properly. You could consider manually accessing those types of various user directories before installing.

I believe that we have seen a few cases on new OS where the temporary directory for the OS/user was not yet created and similar issues have occurred. The logs should be able to pinpoint the failure better.

Scott Richardson
National Instruments
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Scott -


Did you know that your response is virtually the only Windows 11 comment on the NI websites?


Perhaps NI might think about the fact that we've known that Windows 11 has been coming for some time? That Microsoft has had available the tools to ensure your applications are Windows 11 compatible for some time? That virtually every mainstream software developer started moving towards supporting Windows 11 a year ago? Where was NI???

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gsloane, glad to hear that my response was at least helpful. Teams in NI including NIPM are actively working to support Windows 11. In the case for NIPM, most changes are cosmetic, but even NIPM is having to test our existing internal logic where we query what OS we are installing and running on to ensure that OS specific behaviors work correctly. Other user-level products are doing similar testing and potentially adjustments to their code. I would expect that you will start hearing of some NI software officially supporting Windows 11 sometime in Q2. NI will likely communicate through a similar product compatibility page once this starts happening.


I believe that hardware drivers have more testing and required changes due to signing of their kernel-level drivers and all. I have no insight for specific on hardware like PXI which would need to install Windows 11.


I wish that adopting new OS was always seamless. My impression is that supporting software going from Windows 10 to 11 will be less work than when we had to initially support 7, 8, and 10. I hope that helps.

Scott Richardson
National Instruments
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gsloane, fwiw, a colleague pointed out this page below that is public which suggests that NI is targeting support in 2022 H2:

Scott Richardson
National Instruments
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Windows 11 was announced long ago; and there have been many Windows Insider releases to allow companies like NI to port their products such that they would be fully functional by the time Windows 11 started deployment to user systems.


Telling me that NI is "targeting support in 2022 H2" is basically telling me that they failed to support their user base. The majority of software companies worked hard to get Windows 11 support available contemporaneously with the release of Windows 11. Why didn't NI?

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In the Gantt chart, right now in H2 NI already partially support on windows 11. Where can I check the list of software that already supported by now?

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Hi Scott,


Any update on LabVIEW working on Windows 11? Lat time we talked was May; still no word.


My IT group is starting to push our engineering group to update to Windows 11 for security reasons; we can't because NI is holding us back. All our other major softwares (Xilinx, ModelSim, Visual Studio, MATLAB, etc.) are already available in Windows 11 versions. As I said before, you guys had insider information about porting to Windows 11 over a year and half ago. Kinda dropped the ball...


Gary Sloane

Sr. Test Engineer

Datron Worldwide Communications Inc.

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