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NI655X Waveform Generator (LabVIEW Instrument for NI Multisim)

LabVIEW instruments allow us to coordinate design and test by using the same stimulus during both stages of the design process. The NI655X LabVIEW instrument, built for NI Multisim, acts as a stimulus for a digital circuit. This instrument allows us to generate a digital waveform pattern which will create up-to 21 channels of digital test vectors. The instrument also allows the import of a custom measurement file. 

To install this instrument, place it within the lvinstruments folder that is located where Multisim is installed. When installed correctly, the instrument will be visible in the LabVIEW Instruments group on the Instruments toolbar.

Natasha Baker
R&D Engineer
National Instruments

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Thanks for this.


I have downloaded the NI655X as described herein. I have placed the single .lib file in the LVinstruments directory in Mutisim 14.2 Design suite. However, when I run Multisim the NI655X isn't there?


Any suggestions gratefully received.


Thanks Monkshood