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unable to getthrough the steps adding new component (OPAMP)


I am using multisim13.0 and wanted to add the opamp OPA378 as it was not found in the multisim13 component list.

followed this tutorial  but was not able to get anything in the filter to add row as metioned in the tutorial as shown below.







The footprint is SC70 DCK 5 as shown in the page22 of datasheet.

Can someone help me out with adding the component.

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Hi PatanGova,


Have a look at this knowledge base:


In the filter dialog, click on Add Row, the * is a wild card and it helps searching for specific string.  In the attached screen shot, I added two rows and I am search for any part with 5 pins and the footprint name contains "SC70".




Tien P.

National Instruments
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Hello Tien P,

I searched the footprint with name "SC70" and got the different ones(as shown in attached image) as compared to the one you showed in your image(as analog Devices,etc.,).Also I don't get anything in the footprint.

can I know to add the correct footprint ?



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Hi PatanGava,


In the filter click on Add row, click in the cell below Column and select Footprint, now in the Value column, type *SC70*.  Click Add row again, on the second row select Pin Count and 5 for value.  Your screen should look like this:




When cannot find a footprint in the Master database, you can add one by highlight the User or Corporate database  the click the Add button, you will get a pop up window where you can define your own footprint.



Tien P.

National Instruments
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Hi Tien P,

I tried as shownin the attached image by selecting IPC-7351SC70-DCK-5 but when I was about to add .sym as mentioned here I was unable to find the respective .sym file in the OPA378 spice model I need to convert the files in OPA378 to .sym or is there any other method.


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