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Multisim and Ultiboard

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Out of memory on UB netlist import


I have a large design (44 schematic pages, ~3000 nets, 200+ parts including 22 section FPGA symbols).  When I import the netlist to UB I very often run out of memory.


I have a 6 core PC with 8GB ram.  I don't think all the memory is getting used.  Is there a way to get UB to have more memory allocated to it?


Sometimes I have to reboot the machine before I can do a netlist import.



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I'm now getting out of memory errors in MS as well.


It happens when renaming a refdes or trying to save.  I did manage to get my work saved by renaming the existing design file to something else before trying to save again.


My memory optimizer still shows plenty of available memory.


Is there some memory limitation built into UB & MS that can be adjusted?


Win7 64bit, 8GB RAM,  5GB free.

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Dear Users,


I am also having the same problem with lot of freeze due to out of memory error.

I am using a Windows 7 64 bit, Pentium CPU B960 2,20Ghz, and 4 GigaByte of RAM. (ultiboard only allocates up to 2 gig, however I still has free memory)


Atached you can find the multisim and ultiboard file I am dealing with.

Out of memory error appears when I am moving parts in the layout, specially when it involes two uniquie parts, that have a rectangular hole and a rounded rectangular pad. (L1 and L2)

I am seeking some help about it. Is there something wrong with this part?




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Hi Laszlo,


There was a defect that caused Ultiboard to crash or to run really slow in V12 when a custom pad is used in a design and this defect was supposed be to be fixed in the V13. Create a new custom pad with the same dimension as before and replace the custom pad for the Ver2923 in your database.


I replaced the ver2923 footprint with a pad I created, then I updated the L1 and L2 footprint on the design, you board is running much faster now. Don't use the footprint I created, I didn't properly measure it.


Tien P.

National Instruments
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