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Multisim Touch on iOS 10

We are aware of an issue affecting the stability of Multisim Touch on iOS 10. Multisim Touch is no longer available from the App Store, though it will continue to work properly on iOS 9 and older versions.


If you would like to use Multisim on iOS 10, please consider using Multisim Live, currently in open Beta. 


Thanks for your support.


Multisim and Ultiboard Product Support Engineer

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It would be awesome if Multisim Live included the Multimeter feature, as the PC software.

My regards.


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I appreciate the feedback Ornels, but it might be better served as a post in the Idea Exchange



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We have made the decision to end support for Multisim Touch. It will no longer appear in the app store, but will continue to function on devices where it is already installed. 


To continue with Multisim on mobile devices, please consider using Multisim Live, which is our platform-independend web-based schematic capture and simulation tool. 




Multisim and Ultiboard R&D

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