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Multisim and Ultiboard

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How to measure impedance on multisim?

I'm a second semester student so please keep it simple.


I'm trying to get my Thevenin voltage and impedance in a series ac circuit.  What can I use to measure impedance in my circuit.  I have the answer through calculations but I need to be able to get the answer in a simulation as well.

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If you are using Multisim 11, select File>>Open Samples>>LabVIEW Instruments>>Impedometer>>Impedometer.ms11,  copy/paste the impedance meter from that circuit to your circuit.


Tien P.

National Instruments
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Hi, I am trying to get the impedance of the attached circuit. I have tried with several forms that I found in the forum and own ideas but I cannot get it. I tried the following:  a) putting a AC current sourceand simulating the voltage (note I want to note the input impeadnce of the circuit), which teoritically will be the same as the impedance, right? b) I tried to use the impedameter that I found in labview samples but it seems to work only when the elements are in series (am I right? or probably I conencted wrong, first I found out I shouldn't put a ground, so I disconnected it but didn't get the correct answer (I have mi circuit solved by hand and it is 100% correct). c) I kept my voltage source and placed and Iprobe in series with the voltage sourcer and then tried to simulate mag(Vprobre)/mag(Iprobe), which theoretically will give me the impedance, but again I failed. What am I doing wrong?

I would appreciate any help. Thanks! 

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Hi Kanogui,


Have a look at this knowledge base:



Tien P.

National Instruments
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Hi, thanks for your help. I have already tried with that before posting my last question (as I mentioned in my post) but I could not get the impedance, any other recomendation? 

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Using the expression in the KB should work. Post the Multisim file you created so that I can see how you entered the expression. What is your expected output?


Tien P.

National Instruments
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Hi, at the frequency of 100.658 MHz I am expecting to get a value equal to the resistance (5 ohms). Attached you can find the multisim file. 

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I am a Highschool student, so keep it very simple.... 


I have a circuit and I don't know how to put an Impedometer on it....Circuito

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