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How to make sweep by ac amplitude and resistor sweep?


Hello Friends!

I am designing circuits using MULTISIM. We ca make ac frequency sweep or DC voltage sweep in spice. But is there any way to make resistor sweep and ac amplitutde sweep?Because i have circuit which exhibits chaotic chaotic nature. Tha diffrent phenomenas may observed by making these above two as control parameter. So I want them to be changed as in dc sweep.Can any one please help me?


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Hi friend,


Take a look at the parameter sweep analysis. It works similar to DC sweep, except it can work on a lot more parameters such as resistance and AC amplitude.


You can access it from Simulate>>Analyses>>Parameter Sweep.


Hope that helps.

Software Developer
National Instruments - Electronics Workbench Group
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Dear sir,

Yes! i got it from parameter seep. Thanks for giving reply as soon as possible.

And multisim seems to be more userfriendlyn than Pspice in some sense. Thanks a lot.


R. Jothimurugan

Research Scholar

Bharathidasan University


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hi sir,

could you send the VI that used to sweep ac voltage

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