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Activation Warning



I am trying to activate my university Multisim but I keep getting a message that says "activation warning" every time that I enter the University serial number into the license manager. None of my classmates have had this issue and the IT Helpdesk at my university have been unable to recreate this error. I seem to be the only one having the issue and I don't know why. My University have now given up helping and I am really fed up with this not working


Has anybody got any idea what this error means - I have been unable to find this anywhere on the internet?


PC: Windows 10


Cheers all!

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We have had several students with this same error where I work as well.  I currently have a ticket open with NI Support but haven't found a solution yet.

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All - Please post back with the solution that NI came up with for you.  I have a student with the same issue and I am not sure what to recommend.  Thanks

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NI has suggested doing the "web based activation", put in your serial number and get an activation code back.  This requires the Computer ID from NI License Manager as well.  Even this hasn't been 100% in working for our students.

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Thanks Cris.  We will give that a try.


Brian Warnecke

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