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save data to text spartan 3e

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Hi All,

kindly I'd like to save data array to text file or a spreadsheet on vi employing spartan 3e fpga as an fpga target. once I added any function related to file operation, it's given back error that these functions are not supported by the target device.

could you please help me with this



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Hi Rania,


Generally when using an FPGA target we want to make sure that we handle data in the most efficient manner. With that in mind, we typically will want to use a DMA FIFO to stream data back to our host VI. After the data is moved into our host VI then we can save the data to a text file using the functions in the File I/O palette. Here is a very helpful portion of the LabVIEW FPGA module help that discusses Transferring Data Between Devices or Structures Using FIFOs.


I also wanted to make sure that I provided you with our Using DMA FIFO to Develop High-Speed Data Acquisition Applications for Reconfigurable I/O Devices white paper which walks you through the functionality you need to implement on the FPGA VI and the host VI. I hope this information helps.


Also for further information, what hardware are you using and is your Host a Windows Operating System or a Real-Time Operating System as well?

Sam Burhans
Senior Product Manager
National Instruments
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Hi Sam,

Thanks very much for your reply. 

Kindly I'd like to acquire data through the FPGA. Unfortunately, Spartan 3e does not support DMA FIFO, so I put a target–scoped FIFO. I added a FIFO write and FIFO read as shown in the attached snapshot.

I tried to save the output FIFO element as shown in the host vi. It’s running but it’s giving back zeroes.

Could you please help me with that?

Thanks very much

Best regards,



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