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multifuction DAQ USB-6251 with nidaq32.dll missing


I tried to install USB-6251 for our proprietary software. Installation on Win7 went well, but when I execute the software, I got:

*the program can’t start because nidaq32.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem*

My software was running fine under windows XP environment and Traditional DAQ 7.4.1.

Any help is appreciated.


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What version of DAQmx are you using? Your post seems to imply that you might be trying to use Traditional DAQ 7.4.1, which predates Windows 7 by four years and is not supported on it.


The USB-6251 is also not supported with Traditional DAQ. Support for the USB-6251 was added in DAQmx 8.1, and support for Windows 7 was added in DAQmx 9.0.2. I recommend the latest version, DAQmx 9.5.

Brandon Streiff ·
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Actually I tried both of them (7.4.1 and 9.5 from the disc). The reason I use the USB-6251 is because I could not find a new laptop with PCMCIA that is required by DAQCARD-6024E. The DAQCARD-6024E works with our software and win XP. However, the USB-6251 won't work with our software no matter which NI-driver I installed. Do you have replacement for DAQCARD-6024E that is backward compatible with Traditional DAQ 7.4.1? Or do you have any idea to resolve my problem?

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There is NO version of traditional DAQ that is compatible with windows 7. If your software uses traditional DAQ calls, then you MUST rewrite the code to use DAQmx functions and the 6251. Traditional DAQ was marked for obsolesence several years ago. Accordind to the 9.5 readme, your 6024 is supported by DAQmx. So, in order to support both new and old hardware, new and old OS's, you should upgrade your program to something current.

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Is it a good idea to use the 6024 with adapter so it can be plug to the express card slot? If so, does NI sell that adapter?

Is 6024 32bit or 16bit PCMCIA? Thank you so much for the response to my questions.

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It's been a long time since I used one but I think it's 32 bit. You might want to search the site and check the manual.


I know that NI does not sell, test, or recomend any pcmcia to express card adapter.

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