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intermediate result display

Hi, I have an analog input task which slowly reads finite amount of data. I need to display intermediate results :


request N points



while all data not ready

    get what is ready (M pts)

    diplay what is ready (1st to M pts)

    wait a little


diplay all (1st to N pts)



what is the best implementation of this protocol in ANSI C ? if i use DAQmxReadAnalogF64 do i need to append each ready chunk of data myself ?



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Hi Boris,


It depends on how you configure the DAQmxReadAnalogF64. The numSampsPerChan determines the number of samples, per channel, to read.


If the task acquires samples continuously and you set this parameter to -1, this function reads all the samples currently available in the buffer.



Take a look at this page and see if that helps answer your question:

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