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error -201003

I have a 9181 chassis with a single 9375 module installed.  When things go wrong and my code ends up trying to run a task that has been closed or not opened yet, I get this -201003 error.  The message says something about "device not available".  The problem is that I can't find a way to reset the DAQmx system so that I can recover from this error.  Yes, I need to be meticulous about not trying to run an invalid task but shouldn't I be able to reset the device and recover programatically?  Unfortunatly, even if I perform a device reboot via MAX I still can't recover.  The only way to recover is to manually pull the plug on the chassis.  Is this the way it should work or am I missing something?

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Can you attach a screen shot of your error message and the actual code that is throwing this error?



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More information.  This code is running in a VI called by TestStand.  Turns out that I don't need to power cycle the device, but do need to restart TestStand (and LabVIEW).  If I open MAX I can reserve the chassis, open and run the tasks I have set up but until I restart TestStand, I can't get past the error.

What I have found is that my problem occurs when I try to run a task without the task started.  I have restructured my code now so that it should be impossible to run a task if it is not "active" and have had no issues since.  My question though is about recovering from this situation.  Why should this be unrecoverable?  Isn't there a way to reset DAQmx programatically without shutting down TestStand and LabVIEW?

daqmx sample vi.jpg


daqmx error.jpg

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There is a DAQmx Reset that you can use to reset a device back to its configuration state. Have you tried this?

A Johnson
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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