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driver LINUX for DIO32HS

Hi !
I'm looking for a device driver for a NI PCI-I/O card, the PCI DIO32HS.
We are looking for this driver (on Linux); source code exist on; but we work with Red hat, kernel 2.2.12
and we cannot compile it, it seems this driver is too old;
Has somebody some experience with Linux and this card? ;
Is somewhere a documentation? Can you help us?
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my understanding is that the driver is for e-series boards, and does not
support the DIO-32HS. There are two register programming manuals
avalaible at for these cards. But they have big leaks. To have a driver
you have to write one. I am going to do that also, but it is on low
priority, since we do not have a customer request for that (we use these
cards for our transient recorders).

Bernd Mielke
Licel GbR
Chausseestr 34/35 tel.:++49-30-28391737
10115 Berlin, Germany fax.:++49-30-28391738
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