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creating pressure scale using Ni9205

I am currently using an NI 9205 installed on an 9174 chassis and am trying to create a scale to convert mv to psia. I am using an external power supply for my 10v excitation on an endevco 8530C-50 pressure transducer. I have my "+" input connected to ai0 Pin1 and" -" input going to pin19. I also have the "comm" pin17 jumpered to the "-" excitation to create a differential configuration. My question is how do I use the below data of my transducer to scale it to PSIA? When trying to use the scale option in the DAQ express task it will not allow me to select a mV for my pre-scale, it only allows me to use voltage as my pre scale and PSIA as my scaled units. So with 10vdc excitation applied and everything hooked up I get 97.533455m as a voltage value. any help would be greatly appreciated. 


The endevco transducer's specs are as follows

50psia range

3.80mV/PSI sensitivity

2.10 mV Zero pressure output

189.9mV full scale output.



10vdc Excitation


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