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convert j thermocouple to k

convert j thermocouple to k

Hi all,


I wrote a Labview program to take temperature measurements using a NI921 plugged into a cDAQ9171. It all worked ok and I did a load of testing. When I came to review the data, I realized I'd incorrectly set some of the channels to j type thermocouples, when I'm actually using k type. Is there a way to convert the temperature data I've captured to valid readings? I'm guessing this will require knowing how the system converted the mV input from the thermocouple to degC for j types, reversing this process mathematically to re-gain the raw mV readings, then knowing how the system converts mV to degC for k types, and applying this.


Can anyone help?






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Re: convert j thermocouple to k

Hi Andy,


Are you referring to NI-9213 or 9211?


Whichever way it is, you can refer to this link:


Hope this helps.


-Ee Lim-

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Re: convert j thermocouple to k

Thanks! I did try searching for the answer before posting, but my search-fu must have been weak.

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