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at-5102 and ni-daq

what is the most up to date version of ni-daq that will run on windows 98 and still support the at-5102?


thanks in advance!

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Hello reichenbach,


Thanks for posting.  The answer to your question is dependent on what revision of the hardware you are using.  If your hardware is an older revision, then the most recent drivers that you should be able to use will be NI-DAQ 7.1 and NI-SCOPE 2.6.  However, some of the newer revisions of the card require specific versions of Traditional NI-DAQ and/or NI-SCOPE drivers in order to use.  It requires either:


NI-DAQ 7.2 and NI-SCOPE 2.6.1




NI-DAQ 7.3


Unfortunately, these driver versions do not support Windows 98.  I have sent you a private message that you can respond to and provide me the serial number of your hardware so that I can check what revision your card is if you would like.  Hope this helps!



Joe S.

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Thanks for the response. But I need to run this on Windows 98 as it is the OS on the only machine we have with an ISA bus.


You gave me the most up to date version of the software for the card.


I was looking for the most up to date version that WILL work on Windows 98. Obviously it wont be the most up to date software (OS independent).


I have NI-SCOPE 1.6 and NI-DAQ 4.8 installed. I am not entirely sure that this combo will work with the AT-5102.


What versions will work with the AT-5102 and also work on Windows 98?



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