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VB 5.0

Hello to everybody!! I have a problem cos I want to use the demo that is in the web page for using VB to adquire data from the 6009 usb but I don't have the VB 6.0 software and I am using VB 5.0. When I execute the code, an error ocurrs "Error '-200088(fffcf268)' in execution time" Task specified is invalid or does not exist.
I want to ask you if this problem could be because I'm using VB 5.0 or if the problem is for any mistake in the code.
Thank you very much!!
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Could you please attach the link to the example to take a look into it.

Maybe the problem is that the program uses a task that you haven't created in MAX and it can't find that.



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Thank you very much for your answer!!

The link is, we have copied the steps that the example gives but is possible that we have forgot anything!! If you could say us what is we'll be very thanked you!!

Then, is valid the 5.0 version of VB?


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I have seen that the link is a video demo and as I have said previuosly, at the begining, an analog input task is configured and created in MAX ( Measurement and Automation Explorer ). Then, this taks is used in the Visual Basic example. So, did you create the task? If not, please do it and maybe you will not have that error.

I hope this helps.



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