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Using an encoder with a multifunction DAQ

Hi all,

Excuse my naivity here—I'm not very familiar with NI hardware. I am trying to order parts for a prototype for my company, and so nothing I'm getting can be very expensive, and doesn't need high accuracy, etc. I'm trying to order an encoder (preferably absolute, but I'll get an incremental if that's my only option), that will interface with a multifunction DAQ, because I really only need an analog input channel and a counter. Is this even possible?

The absolute encoders I'm looking at use a BiSS protocol, which I know typically is used with a cRIO, but again, only prototyping here, so I'm looking for mega-cheap options.

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It looks like the only BiSS modules are 3rd party CRIO units. The cheapest option would be a dumb incremental encoder and a NI USB module that includes counters. Not all of them do, read the spec sheets carefully and then speak to your local NI sales engineer. It is their job to advise on this kind of stuff.

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You could bit bang BiSS: the protocol is open.

There are iC-MB3 and iC-MB4 usable with SPI.

There is a BiSS master IP in VHDL available with a BiSS license (free of charge).


It debends on the requirements of Your BiSS application...

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