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Using USB-6001 to implement SPI/I2C

Is possible to use USB-6001 to implement communication with SPI or I2C? I intend to use SPI Digital Waveform Reference Library.


If not, what other NI devices has capacity to work with SPI or I2C?

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The USB-6001 doesn't have hardware-timed digital I/O, only software-timed. Implementing a SPI master is probably possible at a very slow rate, but I expect I2C is probably right out.


The NI USB-845x products are designed specifically for SPI and I2C; the 8452 is in the same form factor as the 6001. The NI VirtualBench also has a SPI and I2C master API for use with its GPIO connector.

Brandon Streiff ·
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I am so sorry but I am not so much experienced on using SPI/I2C (I could say, not at all :-)).

I have Labview12 and 18 versions installed.

Could you drive me on installing the proper library (-ies) and downloading a very simple communication .vi?

It doesn't matter the communication rate, I have to check/modify parameters of a sensor just at the beginning of the test run (that sensor comes out with SMBUS default config but I need to be PWM output set activated for analog acquisition with NI6001).

Thank you in advance for your kind help.

Have a nice day,


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Hi, did you solve your issue? Could you give me some advice on installing the proper library (-ies) for LabView12 or LabView18 and how to proceed to installi them and where to download some easy-to-use .vi just to communicate at very low rate by using a NI6001?

Thank you and have a nice day,


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Implementing SPI or I2C isn't terribly difficult but it is not a two hour exercise even for a really experienced developer! Expecting to do such a serial protocol with a limited device like the USB-6001 is simply ridiculous unless it is an exercise for study. But with your knowledge it is highly unlikely to succeed and anyone else is almost certainly not going to spend the time to implement something like that just for academic laurels.


Unless your time costs really absolutely nothing, you could buy several USB-8452 before the costs are getting higher than investing time in such an inferior project.

Rolf Kalbermatter
DEMO, TU Delft
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Thank you for your kindness.

Really appreciates.



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