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USB-6001 replacement

I hope you're able to help me. 

I'm not a LabVIEW engineer or anything I look after our database and various business software.

Our company bought a test system which uses a USB-6001 and unfortunately the device has failed. 

Is there a guide I can follow to replace this device, I shouldn't think it wouldn't be too hard to just swap out with an identical unit? 


thanks for ANY advise in advance.

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If you need to buy one

If you need to work to get it replaced under warranty navigate to and look for "Service Request Manager".

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Hello thanks for your reply. 


I've purchased one and its on its way, it was regarding the swapping of the device. Is it simply swapped out/plug and play?

Or will there be some configuration required? 


I assumed LabVIEW would need to be told the ID of the new device?


Thanks again

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Is there a better place to post this? seems to have very low traffic and i desperately need an answer  

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Hi Andy,


The quickest way would be to contact You should open a service request so they could investigate your case and offer the best option (repair/replacement) and solution for your broken hardware.


Kind Regards, 


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thanks for your reply, but I have already replaced the device. i dont need repair or replacement. 


I just need to know how to plug it in/configure it....

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seems theres a bug with this:


It's not just plug and play......

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The device is given a new identifier (Dev1, Dev2, Dev3) and you can see this by opening up NI MAX and expanding "Devices and Interfaces". This identifier is editable. If you click on it and "rename" it to the identifier that LabVIEW is expecting from the old device you should be good to go.


Let me know your progress.

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oh great, that sounds easy. 


One issue I'm having is when I expand hardware in MAX, I get database corrupted error as per:

Once i get that corrected I should be able to get in there and rename. 


Thank you gaving!

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