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Synchronized Analog Input and Analog Output DAQmx

Hi all,

I am fairly a newbie in labview and currently, I am struggling synchronizing my analog inputs with the analog outputs here. And I am wondering if anyone help me with that ?

I have attached the code here (v8.2). You need to open the "Raster_2DOutput_wCounter_82" file first and then add the second file when it prompts("Generate_2D_Raster").




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I downloaded your file but I'd like to know more about what you are trying to do. Can you please tell me what you mean by synchronizing analog inputs with analog outputs. Do you want to capture the AO with the AI of your device? Which device are you working with?


Best Regards,

Miguel Fonseca

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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Hi Miguel,

I want to synch my AI with AO. In other words, I want to trigger/start trigger one with the other, so they both have the same start.

Also, when I run the labview continously, connect my analog inputs analog outputs together for test and monitoring the behaviour on the osciloscope, it seems that there exists a delay between acquisition of one frame and the next one (Maybe I am doing something wrong or the update rate of the oscilloscope is not fast enough?).


Additionally, as you can see in the code, I do the bi-directional scanning with my AOs; and because the direction of the scanning changes from one line to the other, I want to fix it and flip every odd(even) array/line before writing/displaying the data in the analog input(s). Thereforee, I can see a clear image at the time of acquisition.



Thanks again for the help.


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The synch process depends on the clock source for your task. For example you can synch both channels simultaneously using a shared clock

Take a look at this example:

I was looking at your code and I think the best way to synch AI with AO channels is to start from a good example handles the synch task.

This is a wiki that can help you define the code structure to get both channels working simultaneously.



You can also find more examples on "synchronization” and using LabVIEW example finder searching for "synchronization"

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