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Standalone Application not detecting analog inputs from USB-6001

I have built a VI on my development machine and everything appears to work well, however when I compile the application and installer for another machine the app runs but does not pick up any of the data from the USB-6001. If I run the application on my development machine it works perfectly. I'm guessing it's a driver issue with the installation.


I'm using the DAQ assistant to acquire the analog signals. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks...



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This indeed does sound like an issue with not having all the correct drivers, possibly just your target machine not finding the USB-6001.


Is your device being seen by the target machine? Did you include DAQmx drivers in your installation?

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As far as I'm aware I included the correct drivers...


I plug the logger in and the NI Device Monitor opens and I can see the analog channels work as I'd expect. Really not sure what's going on...

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For each PC, connect your device and then go into NI MAX (Measurement And Automation Explorer). What DEV#/name is shown on each system? They should match. If they don't then set the Device number/name on the application PC to match whatever it is on the development PC.



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I have the same problem. Do you found a solution?

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Firstly you need to make sure the device names match, then you need to ensure the correct drivers for that device are installed when you make the .exe package. Took me a bit of trial and error.

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