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Multifunction DAQ

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Specified property is not supported byt the device or is not applicable to the task

I am using CVI platform.  I have a digital signal generate from the circuit - I would like to use this digital signal to generate a hardware trigger that will trigger some other task - Below are my codes - I got the run time error as indicated above when the code runs to the high light and unable to figure out what that mean and how to fix it.  Any suggestion woudl be appreciate.  


  TaskHandle task_for_dig_in_ctrl;


  // create digital input task for control
  DAQmxCreateTask ("task_for_dig_in_ctrl", &task_for_dig_in_ctrl);
  DAQmxCreateDIChan (task_for_dig_in_ctrl, "/Dev2/port0", "data_for_dig_ctrl", DAQmx_Val_ChanForAllLines);
  // PFI1 tied to the latch clock Q6 on the serial decoder board - it signals when new data is available create a hardware trigger to align the capture data
  char startTrigger[256] = "Dev2/PFI1"; // this doesn't work either char startTrigger[256] = "PFI1";
  DAQmxCfgDigEdgeStartTrig(task_for_dig_in_ctrl,startTrigger,  0); //rising edge trigger
  //start the trigger task and wait until the trigger is generate
  DAQmxStartTask (task_for_dig_in_ctrl);
  DAQmxWaitUntilTaskDone (task_for_dig_in_ctrl, 330.0);

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