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Simultaneous update of AO while reading AI

Ok, I hope this is simple to answer.


We are evaluating using the board NI PCIe-6361 to output an AO waveform and simultaneously acquiring a signal on one of the AI channels.


1) is this possible on this device?

2) if so, is it possible to change the AO waveform during the run of this operation (amplitude or frequency for example)


If it is not possible to do AO and AI at the same time, or update during the run, would it be possible to use the DIO hardware timed outputs to setup a simple waveform (using the 8 bits) then acquire the signal on an AI channel?. Using this system, I know that it would be possible to modify the DIO timing on during the operation run, but at what speed (we need to be able to update at around 2Mhz)


Thank you in advance.

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Hi HCoulter,


The PCIe-6361 will be able to do both items 1 and 2. For number 2, I suggest you look at the "Cont Gen Voltage Wfm-Int Clk-Non" example by opening LabVIEW and going to Help >> Find Examples then expanding the folders to get to Hardware Input and Output >> 
DAQmx >> Analog Generation >> Voltage, where you will find the example VI.


This will allow you to change the parameters of your analog output on the fly.


I hope that helps.



Daniel H. 

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