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Read AI while Count PFI0



Is it possible to read or buffer data in Analog Input while waiting trigger from PFI0 in NI USB 6008?

I need to buffer the data because I want to record also some samples before the trigger in PFI0 really occur.


Maybe as solution, I can use Counter in PFI0 other than Trigger VI.


Is it still possible tread or buffer data in Analog Input while counting PFI0 in NI USB 6008?


Is there any example.


Is it hard for me to make new programs because my background is mechanical engineering, not that software based.


Also, the NI USB 6000 series do not support pretriggering and reference trigger to save data before pretrigger.

Thanks a lot!

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For anyone who comes across this, more discussion is happening here!

Levi D.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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