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Questions about channel-scanning operation in multiplexed mode

Hi group:
We want to develop a data acquisition system by NI PCI 6040E, and we also have SCXI-1001 chasis, SCXI-1102 module and SCXI-1300 terminal box. You know, the PCI 6040E is equiped 16 channel analog input, is it possible, if I want to collect 32 channel signal by using channel-scanning operation in multiplexed mode in SCXI-1102 module?
And how to implement it, is there any documents about it?
Thanks  a  lot
Best regards
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Here is the the user manual of SCXI 1102.
In the Theory of Multiplexed Operations section describes how the device is multiplexed to a DAQ card
And this Link illustrates how to connect the hardware and How to initiate communication between SCXI Chassis and DAQ card, using Measurement and Automation Explorer
( although it describes in context of ConnectionThermocouples, the same logic holds good for analog signals as well)
Anymore doubts, do ask
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