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Python nidaqmx error 200430 (wrong I/O type)

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Hi all,


I'm attempting to use the Python nidaqmx library to make current measurements from one of my NI devices. I keep running into an issue where I'm told that I'm using the wrong I/O type for my virtual channel.


Physical Channel Name: ao0

Virtual Channel Name: Dev1/ao0

I/O Type Required for Virtual Channel: DAQmx_Val_AI


I understand that this is saying I need to use an analog input channel, but that is what I'm using.



with nidaqmx.Task() as task:
    current_channel = task.ai_channels.add_ai_current_chan("Dev1/ao0")
    current_channel.ai_max = 10.0
    current_channel.ai_min = -10.0



Not sure what the issue is.

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Accepted by topic author jsmith2020

You're specifying an ao channel, you should be specifying ai0.



-Kevin P

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Not, useful. How can we apply voltage in device "NI USB-9264" through python code could you please guide me?

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