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Problem with 6111E daq card.

We have four 6111E cards - all of them have had a problem over the last
couple of years where one of the two analogue input channels would have
a fault.

Basically the input would always read the maximum input voltage for
that range (1V, 2V, 5V, 10V, etc). After a while it would happen to the
other channel. The strange thing is that sometimes the card would
spontaneously start working again, but only for a while. Sometime
moving the card to a different PCI slot or different computer makes it
start working again, but it wasn't reproducible.
It seems two of the cards have had both channels permanently fail, thus
becoming unusable at all (and they are out of the warranty period).

We sent a card back to our NI agent to be tested and possibly repaired
- the local agent saw the problem but at the NI testing centre it was
working again (I doubt whether they spent a lot of time on the card -
once they saw it was working they probably just sent it back straight

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has experienced this kind of
problem with NI daq cards.


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Hi Jules,
If it works sometimes, and it worked when you sent it back to NI, I'd be interested to know what kind of signal you are sending in.  Actually, try creating an analog output signal from the card itself, then looping that back to the input to read it back in.  See if you get the same erroneous behavior.  This could help rule out the possiblilty of your external signal causing problems.  Let us know what happens!
Justin M.
National Instruments
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